About Us

With Inventory Planning Service you will increase your liquidity and be able to invest up 4,5 mil EUR to grow your business.

As business grows abowe certan level, there are lots of tasks to amend and product availability has one of biggest importance. If job is not done right, sales will suffer or on other hand costs connected to overstocking will eat your profit.

Hiring experts is one solution, but this is not guarantee that job will be done as expected.

That is where IPS come in.
We provide high quality inventory planning service, that will increase your profitability and increase reputation at your partners and customers.

Why IPS?
We can provide best planning service that is based on results and have concentrate know how.

As our philosophy is that customer always comes first, we will find a way to adopt to your business requirement. In practice it means that we will be on site in initial stage and make sure that everything is set up properly. Furthermore, if we are needed for important meetings somewhere in future, we are on your disposal.

All of this comes with guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service. When talking about customer service, there is no compromise. If you don’t see benefits after initial stage of optimizing stock, we will not charge our work.