Planning questions

Below, please find answers on most frequent questions:

  • Which companies needs our service inventory planning?

We focus on companies that have more than 1,5 mil EUR in goods on stock and their inventory turnover is lower than their industry average.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

You will receive experienced and highly adaptive team. You will have approach that will fit your company the best. We can guarantee 100% satisfaction (or money back).

  • How do you operate?

You will be outsourcing planning to professionals. As such, we can concentrate our expertiese and provide you best service. We can adopt any ERP that your company already invested.

  • Can inventory planning be outsourced?

Yes. Inventory Planning Service have planned stock for company that had 7 stock locations in 7 Balkan countries (only 2 were in EU) that were supplied from Netherlands. In another example, we have planned supply for company that had 12 different suppliers and its distribution further on to 5 different locations.

  • How your work will affect inventory costs?

IPS will increase your inventory turnover to your industry standards. We had examples where we increased liquidity for 4,5 mil EUR. You will also improve lost sales costs and expiry related costs. You will optimize transport costs, as there will be lowest possible number of urgent shipments. Supply chain is always place of cost, but it doesn’t have to be bottomless pit. Let IPS to be your strongest link.

  • How we will monitor your work?

We have set of standard key performance indicators (KPI) and another set that is adjusted per company. Three standard one are: Stock level, lost sales due to product availability, error in forecast. These and others will be reported back to you, as we believe that only that it is measured can be improved.

  • How do you plan to improve KPI?

Inventory Planning Service believe that we can always be better. That’s why we use methods for continuous improvement. In past these methods have proven to be best for improving KPI and in the end for improving client satisfaction to even higher level. 🙂
If there is other question that is not answered please contact us! We will be happy to reply in shortest possible time.